Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Get more shiny silky hair this summer !

Hello ! I am back with another great tip to make your hair shiny and healthy for this summer i.e Aloe vera for your hair as hair mask !
This works great on your hair adds more moisture and conditions your hair. So here we go..

Take a pod (one or two pod according to lenghth of your hair)of fresh Aloe vera -
*Cut thorny edges , take out the skin both sides you get the gel .
*Grind it you get the gel mix 1tsp of olive oil in it .
Apply this mixture to scalp and hair leave it for 1 hour .wash with shampoo and condition.

( to make it fast or if you dont have time to grind , then take out skin one side and scrape the gel with spoon and apply it to hair do it till you scrape all the gel of pod. Here you have to skip mixing olive oil)

Apply it once in a month for gorgeous hair.


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